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Been falling in love w powder foundation all over again! #LockItFoundation #makeuptalk For this simple look, I used: •FACE: Lock-It Powder Foundation in shade: L45 •LIPS: Everlasting Liquid Lip in “Lolita” •EYESHADOW: the Chrysalis Pallette, in shades: “Lifelike,” “Glasswing,” and “Black Milk” •EYELINER: Ink-Liner in “Trooper” black •BROWS: currently testing out a formula I’ve been working on like crazy for the past year! Longwear/bulletproof brows, COMING SOON![August 20.2014]


Just because I feel like it, here is a little song I wrote a while back with my friends, Tommy English+Nick Long. Once again, just a shitty, quick little recording of me singing and playing the piano on my cell phone, here at the house.

obviously, this is just a last-minute “acoustic” version of this song, but on the album it is much less “slit-your-wrists-melencholy”. ;)

With Love,

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